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The catacombs of Paris, the Tour Montparnasse, and other incredible places to see in Paris 14th

With its fascinating monuments and unique lifestyle, Montparnasse is one of the places to be, an essential stop during a stay in Paris. This area of the city of lights is home to many places of interest that are always more enjoyable to explore as a family, with a special someone, friends or even alone.

The catacombs of Paris

Catacombs of Paris, thrills guaranteed
Catacombs of Paris, thrills guaranteed

Located in the heart of the Place Denfert-Rochereau, the catacombs of Paris are part of the historical treasures of Montparnasse since 1786. This romantic, slightly morbid cemetery in fact contains the bones of over 6 million Parisians scattered on the walls of a labyrinth buried 65 feet underground. Thrill-seeker or simply curious, it’s in your interest to visit this empire of death where the temperature is maintained at 14 degrees, all the more reason to shiver. The popularity of the catacombs even mean that they’ve been visited by several big names including Napoleon and King Charles X. It’s advised to get there an hour or two before the opening to avoid queuing during your visit of this incredible place of the XIVth arrondissement.

La Tour Montparnasse

Macabre activities aren’t for you? The Tour Montparnasse warmly welcomes you. This office building is one of the most popular attractions in Paris on the same level as the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadero and the Louvre, not only thanks to the panoramic view it offers of the city, but also for the famous Ciel de Paris. This gastronomic restaurant will satisfy the most gourmet of you with its original and innovative menu. In addition, the history of the Tower is recounted through a small exhibition on the 56th floor.

Montparnasse Tower is surrounded by museums and anything to do with art, enough to satisfy the curiosity of culture-lovers. After your visit, feel free to visit the famous clothing shops and breweries not far from the Tower.

Magnificent panoramic view from the Ciel de Paris

The Musée Bourdelle

The Musée Bourdelle and its imposing mythological sculptures
The Musée Bourdelle and its imposing mythological sculptures

As original as it is fascinating, this incredible museum in the heart of Montparnasse is entirely devoted to the works of the famous sculptor Antoine Bourdelle. It sets itself apart thanks to its imposing bright exhibition halls where many masterpieces are featured, the most popular being Hercules the Archer, Daphne changing to laurel and “La Petite Nymphe”. Exciting paintings, photographs and graphic arts also adorn the walls of the Musée Bourdelle.

The place, open on a magnificent private garden, is a true haven of peace perfect for pleasant strolls and a little wander. It’s also close to the Fondation Cartier, a must-see address for those of you who love contemporary art.

Fondation Cartier

Fondation Cartier, a paradise of glass and greenery
Fondation Cartier, a paradise of glass and greenery

If you like the charm and originality of contemporary art, you’ll love the Fondation Cartier where there’s an exhibit of nearly a thousand works of art imagined by over 300 artists from around the world. Painting and videos are showcased in this singular address in the Montparnasse district, highly appreciated for its sumptuous garden with lush vegetation and its building entirely made of glass and steel. Exhibitions, shows, vernissages, artistic performances and other cultural events are organized almost every week in order to pay tribute to the greatest names in contemporary art and to support new artists.

End your visit of Paris with one of the most precious treasures of the city: the Paris Observatory.

The Paris Observatory

The telescope of the Arago dome, main attraction of the Paris Observatory
The telescope of the Arago dome, main attraction of the Paris Observatory

Heritage gem of Paris and even Europe, this building is none other than the oldest observatory in the world. A guided tour enlivened by the discovery of François Arago’s famous astronomical telescope is held almost daily in this incredible spot dating back to the time of the Sun King. The history of the observatory since its founding in 1667 will also be related during the visit. The lucky ones will even have the opportunity to participate in educational circuit organized occasionally.

Enjoy Montparnasse from a new perspective by visiting the catacombs of Paris, exploring the oldest observatory in the world or by having a bite to eat in the restaurant of the Tour Montparnasse. Book your hotel in Paris’ Montparnasse Delambre now and take advantage of the area’s legendary locations.

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