Holidays in Paris: what to visit in the Denfert Rochereau district – Montparnasse

Renowned for its charm and liveliness, the Denfert Rochereau district is a gem of the 14th arrondissement in Montparnasse. It is certainly not the most touristic place in the city of lights, but life is good thanks to its vibrant markets, its friendly inhabitants and the sites that are more than interesting. An area to privilege for your stay in Paris!

A pleasant stroll in the heart of the district

le lion colossal de Belfort
The lion of Belfort, pride of Montparnasse district

Located right in the middle of place d’enfer, the colossal lion of Belfort, a Parisian’s pride, is one of the attractions you simply can’t miss during your half term in Denfert, Paris. The majestic statue represents the French resistance during the war against the Prussians led by the famous colonel whose name is now borne by the district: Denfert-Rochereau.
The square, adorned with tall trees and surrounded by beautiful green areas and two large buildings, is perfect for family outings, a romantic stroll or to enjoy alone.


2- Green areas, great wealth of the Denfert district

Denfert Rochereau
The Abbe-Migne Public Garden, a green haven in the city center

With three public gardens in a single area, the Denfert Rochereau square has nothing to envy the neighboring districts. Nature lovers can relax or have a picnic after a busy day visiting Paris and its surroundings. The Abbé-Migne, Jacques-Antoine and Claude-Nicolas-Ledoux the public gardens in a British style of the Denfert square will delight people of all ages with they’re playgrounds and free wifi, services always appreciated during a stay in Paris.


3- The charm of small Parisian shops

The Australian Bar
The Australian Bar for a moment of relaxation amongst friends

Strolling through the busy streets of Montparnasse early in the morning, then getting a crispy baguette from the neighborhood’s baker before you go to the florists wearing a beret and a marinière, this is a Parisian cliché that any vacationer dreams of fulfilling. Place Denfert Rochereau has multiple boutiques where everyone can shop in peace, enjoy a good coffee on a terrace or spend some time in the small local cinema. The neighbourhood is very lively during the Easter and All Saints holidays.

4- The market of rue Daguerre

Le Moulin à Café
Le Moulin à Café, a must for your holidays in Paris

A village atmosphere in the heart of Paris? The only place you’ll be able to enjoy such a rarity is walking among the stalls of the rue Daguerre where fresh products are on display every day. If you’re in the area, make a quick stop at the Moulin à Café, a community café launched by locals where you can enjoy delicious homemade pastries while participating in the various activities organized there. Board games, gardening workshops or shows, you definitely won’t be bored in this community cafe where friendliness and entertainment are on the agenda.

5- Le Paris Accordéon Gourmand, a unique place in the 14th arrondissement

Le Paris Accordéon Gourmand
The Paris Accordéon Gourmand, a unique place you’ve got to try out near Rue Daguerre

Are you a wine AND accordion lover ? The Paris Accordéon Gourmand is perfect for you! This retro-style place is a sensation in Montparnasse because of its innovative concept: taste a wide variety of wines and local products in an accordion shop. Whether you are an enthusiast or not, the experience is always tempting and could even make for good memories of your trip to Paris.

True treasure of the city of lights, Denfert Rochereau is a neighborhood that’s worth your time. Get closer to your dream destination by booking your room at the Delambre Montparnasse hotel for your stay in Paris.