Paris, an express tour: addresses to visit near the Delambre Montparnasse

Do you have the incredible opportunity to visit Paris, but only have one or two days left? If you’ve chosen to stay near Montparnasse, know that you have come across the most artistic and intellectual district of the city of lights.What to see in Paris in a short amount of time? Explore the hidden treasures that make the beauty of the Montparnasse district.

La Comédie Italienne, a must-see in Montparnasse
La Comédie Italienne, a must-see in Montparnasse

With nearly 6 theaters over a distance of 300 yards, it’s clear that this street is aptly named. It’s indeed one of the most dynamic streets in Paris, where life is good thanks to its warm and welcoming residents and colorful buildings. A short break for a snack or some beer in the various bistros and cafes during the day, then a crazy night in one of the many bars, cabarets and theaters at night, day to day life in this unique Parisian area is anything but boring. Among the most exclusive places in Montparnasse you’ll find the famous Bobino Theater, La Comédie Italienne, Théâtre Rive Gauche and the Bistrot des Campagnes.


2- The Paris Observatory

La lunette d'Arago
Arago’s telescope, the star attraction of the Paris Observatory

Almost 350 years old, this building located Place Denfert-Rochereau is none other than the oldest observatory in the world. It’s a gem dating back to the time’s of Louis XIV that any astronomy and meteorology amateur, or even people who are inquisitive by nature, must visit at least once during a stroll around Paris. One of its domes contains the telescope of the famous François Arago. A guided tour in the form of an educational circuit retracing the fascinating history of this legendary observatory is organized daily; something you must try if you have two hours to spare.


3- Tour Montparnasse

Tour Montparnasse
Unobstructed view of Paris day and night

If you are short on time to visit Paris in its entirety, don’t hesitate to climb to the top of the Tour Montparnasse from which you’ll get the most unrestricted view of Paris. Ideally located in the center of the city and just a few steps from Gare Montparnasse, this panoramic observatory will allow you to admire all the splendor of Parisian monuments, the charm of its streets and multiple buildings in a single a glance. Here, you can find a renowned gastronomic restaurant that proposes culinary specialties combining tradition and innovation, to try with family or friends.

4- jardin Atlantique

Le jardin Atlantique
The Jardin Atlantic, a paradise in the heart of Paris

Want to take a step back from the stress and noise of Parisian streets ? See Paris in another light with the Jardin Atlantique. Located above Gare Montparnasse, this suspended garden is ideal for relaxing before your stay comes to an end and you take a train back. It has nearly 3 hectares of green lawn with a geometric design adorned with tall trees and fragrant and colorful flower beds. Table tennis, sports facilities and playgrounds, the garden appeals to everyone. The entrance is free.


5- The Mix Club

Mix Club
A crazy party at Montparnasse Mix Club

Festive and friendly atmosphere with urban chic, soul or hip hop parties, the Mix Club is renowned for being one of the most dynamic nightclubs of the capital. Each week there are innovative and original themes to the greatest joy of students, tourists and bureaucrats who wish to let off some steam after a rough day. Why not privatize it to celebrate a birthday or any other event during your brief stay in the legendary city of Paris? The club has also seduced the world’s greatest DJs with its stunning LED lights and unique sound system. This club is a must-see for anyone who wants to visit Paris by night.


Visiting Paris and getting the most out of it in the space of a day is possible, provided you choose the right neighborhood. Feel free to book your room at the Montparnasse Delambre hotel to enjoy all the essential addresses of this unique area.