Unique restaurants to see in Montparnasse, Paris 14th arrondissement

Do you want to experience French gastronomy in another light? Paris is home to many unusual restaurants near the Montparnasse hotel, located in the 14th arrondissement. Welcoming and innovative, the atypical restaurants of Paris will be a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds of all gourmets.

1- Auto passion café, 197 Boulevard Brune

Auto Passion Café, restaurant insolite Paris
Auto Passion Café,unusual Parisian restaurant

Gear stick beer pumps, lights that look like headlights or car seats for chairs, every detail of this unique Parisian restaurant is a tribute to race cars. It offers several types of gourmet menus and a brunch menu that you’ll be able to enjoy under the famous yellow formula 1 car hanging from the ceiling, the main attraction of this Montparnasse café. Cocktail lovers can also indulge in a wide selection of alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages available at the restaurant’s lounge bar.


2- La Mère Agitée, 21 Rue Campagne Première

The famous cellar of La Mère Agitée
The famous cellar of La Mère Agitée

If you like pork, you’ll love La Mère Agitée whose specialty is none other than the best pig’s head in the world. This unconventional Parisian restaurant has appealed to many taste buds thanks to its cuisine combining tradition and creativity. La Mère Agitée’s unconventional bistro has an atypical table that can accommodate up to 35 guests in a cellar where jazz concerts and traditional songs hold a place of honour between Tuesday and Saturday.


3- Les tontons, 38 Rue Raymond Losserand

Le fameux tartare de la maison Les Tontons
The famous tartar of Les Tontons

This unique Parisian restaurant welcomes antique lovers in a beautiful warm and friendly setting where all the decor, including the mosaic bar, is reminiscent of times past. Located just a short way from the hotel, you will be able to enjoy a wide selection of fish and meat tartares. The menu of this atypical Parisian restaurant is unconventional and abounds with extraordinary dishes such as giant salads, foie gras burger and even the legendary Mado des Tontons that you can share with family or friends.


4- Ayako-Teppanyaki, 67 Rue de l’Ouest

Le chef japonais à l'oeuvre au Ayako Teppanyaki
The Japanese chef at work at Ayako Teppanyaki

A typical Japanese dinner and show, this is what this legendary and unique Parisian restaurant has to offer, a place where everyone’s fighting to get a table. The rich and delicious food is cooked to order by a Japanese chef who skillfully prepares the dishes with incredible dexterity before the customers’ very eyes. Caramelized salmon, tiramisu and green tea ice cream, originality and a love for food are not lacking in this unique Parisian address.


5- Le bistrot Augustin, 79 Rue Daguerre

Le bar de Montparnasse du Bistrot Augustin
The bar of Montparnasse, Bistrot Augustin

AWith its beautifully lit stylish setting, this restaurant in Paris’ 14th arrondissement has an undeniable appeal to the tourists in search of the typical Parisian elegance such as business men looking for a place that is both dynamic and chic. Aside from its gastronomic menu, the bistrot Augustin is characterised by its famous artistic facade where innumerable white dishes are on display. This unique Parisian restaurant also has one the most popular bar in Montparnasse.


6- Comme chez soi, 19 Rue de la Gaieté

Comme chez soi, the ideal address for gourmets
Comme chez soi, the ideal address for gourmets

This unconventional Parisian restaurant , located near the Théâtre de la Gaieté, invites you to have a bite to eat exactly as you would at home, only better. A Chinese buffet including a plancha in the evening, this Asian restaurant in Paris is highly appreciated for buffet menus serving hot and cold food as delicious as they are innovative and its wide assortment of desserts and delicacies. The food is of good quality for a fairly reasonable price, all that in a modern and classy setting.


Activities such as these unique restaurants are not lacking in the 14th arrondissement of Paris: another reason to linger over the holidays or over the course of your trip to the city of lights. Feel free to book with Hotel Delambre, located in the heart of the Montparnasse district, to fully enjoy all the riches and charm of this dynamic and welcoming spot.